resources for people
who create languages
and the people
who love them

Recommended for new
language creators:

Mark Rosenfelder’s
Language Construction Kit

and Rick Morneau’s
Essays on Language Design

Often-used References:

List of Conlangs (Wikia)
List of Conlangs (FrathWiki)
Links to Auxiliary Languages

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mission statement and guidelines for writers

“The difference between an artist and an entertainer is that the entertainer is trying to please others and the artist has to please himself, primarily.” –Artie Shaw

“The artist must please himself first. If people understand his work, that’s fine, but the function of art is not to edify or teach.” –Aaron Bohrod

“It’s your language. One of the few things on Earth that would not exist if you did not exist. It lives in your brain and reflects the way your mind works. Never forget who it belongs to.” –Rick Harrison